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About us

MEIJIANLI is a large fastener manufacturer with capability of design, development, production and sale of all kinds of fasteners.
        Our main production includes various types of construction fasteners: drilling screws, self-tapping screws; high strength bolts, nuts; plastic, nylon anchor; metal anchors; wall insulation with anchors; high strength chemical anchor; GB teeth Article; at the same time, we  have the capacity of taking orders of non-standard fasteners design, research, development and final manufacture.
        With total over 560-million-yuan investment, MEIJIANLI established a whole factory park located in Handan, Chinese, which covers a220 acres land at the township of Handan, where is the fastener city of china at the same time. With more than 1700 all kinds of advanced manufacturing equipment and more than 1000 production line workers, our capacity of fasteners production will achieve 600 tons and the Annual Output Value will be over 1.5 billion yuan.
        MEIJIANLI has a professional R&D group of 46 experts, including 10 senior titles and 36 other senior titles. Until now, with the great effort of our experts, we have obtained a number of national patents and other scientific research results.
        Since its establishing, MEIJIANLI is always adhering to the brand-development strategy, independent innovation and always taking product quality as the first place. Our company has been ISO9001 certificated (international quality management system certification). Not only this, MEIJIANLI has also an independent laboratory and quality inspection office, so that with the quality supervision and inspection of our product everywhere, it can be ensured that pass rate of the manufactured products is 100%.
        In the industry of the Chinese fastener, with high product visibility and reputation, the brand “MEIJIANLI FASTENER”is synonymous with high quality fastener products.
        At the same time, we have established our own marketing centers in more than 50 large and medium cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Xi'an, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and etc. Those sales network and after-sales technical support can cover more than 85% of China's cities and regions. Besides, MEIJIANLI has lots of channel sales network throughout all kinds of different scales of markets from large to small of hardware or building material.
        In 2007, the Foreign Trade department of MEIJIANLI was founded. And now, our product has been exported to: North America, Europe, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, South Korea and other countries and regions. We have established a good working relationship with numerous large international dealers and distributors. Meanwhile, we are providing OEM processing services for many large international brands. Until now, our annual value of exports has exceeded $ 20 million.
        For present and future, MEIJANLI will be still insisting on the brand-development and independent-innovation strategy, to provide customers with high-quality and valuable products and services. Your trust and support are always our driving force of development. The goal of MEIJIANLI is to establish a world's leading brand of fasteners, become a company standing forHigh-quality fasteners manufacturing expert